Pesky house flies

In the warmer months around NYC, when windows and doors are open, there are a variety of ways to prevent flying insects. These pests overwhelm the living room, kitchen or other rooms. Humane methods of keeping insects out of the house should be prioritized.

Problem of Flies & Wasps

Pesky house fliesFlying insects including butterflies, wasps, bumble bees and flying insects of various types will inadvertently drift in through open doors and get trapped in the roof space of rooms with lots of windows. Most of these insects do not want to be inside, they want to be visiting the garden plants, but are confused by all the light streaming through so many windows. The insect pests are unable to find an exit to outside. Unfortunately, they rarely escape, they stay at roof level until they perish.

The only practical way to prevent a massive buildup of insects is to restrict their access. When all else fails, you can hire the experts who serve customers needing emergency pest control in Manhattan. You will not succeed if the pest infestation is too massive to control.

Prevention to Repel Insects from Rooms & Kitchens

As butterflies and bees are valuable assets to the garden, it is a great shame if such creatures are to end their lives trapped in a glass room with a glass roof. Methods of prevention include:

  • screens to deny access,
  • repelling insects by use of sound devices
  • use of smells to repel insects.

Only the first is entirely effective. The second two may have little or no impact.

Screens to Prevent Insect Access Through Open Windows & Doors

There are a variety of different types of screens which may prevent or deter insects from entering the home.

Screen doors in the patioCurtains made of rope, beads or plastic ribbons are popular. They deter but do not prevent entry to all insects, they have a decorative charm for those who enjoy retro fashions, and they permit a breeze.

Alternatively, mesh screens can be loosely fitted or tightly sealed preventing access to insects as well as cats, foxes, and other larger animals. At the same time, these screens offer a clear view of the garden.

Control Flies in the Kitchen, Bugs in the House

Flies are pests which will deliberately seek out our food and waste to eat and lay their eggs. There is no magic solution. To deter flies and ants from the kitchen food should be put away, all surfaces should be kept clean, dirty items should be washed immediately or stored away in a tight container such as the dishwasher or washing machine. Rubbish bins should have lids and be kept shut.

Auditory, Audible, Ultrasound Insect Repellents Inside the Home

Electronic pest control devices are on the market which, it is claimed, will repel a variety of pests including rodents, spiders, crawling insects and flying insects. Like similar gadgets to keep cats out of gardens, these electronic repellents emit a sound which humans can not hear but are extremely unpleasant for the unwanted pests.

These insect repellent devices are relatively cheap but there are the following details to be aware of:

  • Plug into mains is preferable to battery powered;
  • Be sure which creatures are covered by the particular device, they are not all the same;
  • Ultrasonic sound does not penetrate walls; most devices will be suitable for only one room.
Citronella as an Indoor Insect Repellent

Citronella is a well-known repellent for mosquitoes, midges and other biting insects. It is widely available in candles and oils for use in the garden.

Citronella or lemon grass is common in the tropicsThe efficacy of citronella at repelling insects, however, is not great. Research suggests that citronella candles will make a real impact on reducing mosquito bites only for people within a meter of the flame, i.e., a little over 3 feet. A breeze from the wind or an electric fan could be as effective.

Unfortunately, citronella and plants will not prevent insects flying in and becoming trapped in a roof.

Humane Methods of Maintaining an Insect Free Sunroom

To maintain an insect free sunroom, conservatory or any room which is mainly comprised of a glass roof and windows it is essential to prevent initial access by keeping doors and windows closed or suitably screened. Insects may be repellent by unpleasant smells and sounds. But in a living room, the problem is that the insects are unable to find their way out when they enter the room by accident.

Insect extermination may not be desirable, but there are times when it might be the best solution. There are some different methods, some of which may be quite surprising.


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