acupuncture can cure hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism refers to low thyroid function that negatively affects a sufferer’s cognitive, circulatory and behavioral functions. The causes vary, but it can be any or a combination of the following: genetics, lifestyle, and environment.

acupuncture can cure hypothyroidism

Underactive thyroid leads to a struggle in keeping the balance of the body. The most tell-tale sign is an excessive and sudden weight gain, with some patients reporting a 10-pound weight gain in less than a week. Patients also suffer mood swings, depression, constipation, and lethargy.

Hypothyroidism, when left untreated, can then lead to more serious complications such as heart failure, kidney failure, diabetes, and eventually, thyroid failure.

Medications that treat hypothyroidism range from synthetic to organic that can include lithium, levothyroxine, and natural thyroid hormones. Treatment is often medical in nature, but this proves to be a failure especially with underactive thyroid a result of several factors.

Some patients who start taking synthetic hormones most often must rely on them for the rest of their lives. The problem with external hormones, whether organic or inorganic, is that the body is left into believing that it doesn’t have to produce such hormones any longer. Therefore, instead of the body trying to regain its capacity to produce hormones, it ends up halting the entire process.

One treatment that is gaining popularity among hypothyroid patients is acupuncture. Acupuncture draws its history from thousands of years back, conglomerating together several elements from many the Middle East, East, South and North Asian cultures. The biggest chunk of its influence though is from present-day China.

How acupuncture works are through the insertion of specialized needles on specific areas, also called pressure points, of the body. Licensed acupuncturists (here’s a licensed acupuncturist in NYC) know exactly where to put the needles based on several Eastern-influenced methods of diagnosing the patient. The way they diagnose is very different from the Western concept, as Eastern doctors “feel” the patient based on the feel of the pulse, the aura, and the sound of the heartbeat among other things.

Acupuncture also works through the principle of regaining the flow of the life force Qi, which is essential to maintaining the Yin and Yang of the body system. When a disease is present, the natural energy of Qi is disrupted. And so, the patient feels all sorts of symptoms that can be difficult to pinpoint when using a non-holistic treatment method.

Hypothyroidism represents an imbalance, and acupuncture rests on the principle of creating a balance. So naturally, it proves to be a good combination.

What can hypothyroid patients learn from the tenets of acupuncture?

“Life should be about creating a balance.”
sleep cycle and acupuncture
You may wonder why you had hypothyroidism despite your daily diet of fruits and vegetables. But, anything that is too much, even when touted as “healthy,” can be detrimental as well. Take, for example, celery. Celery is very low in calories and is famous as a cleanser. However, even if you eat a ton-load of it every day, it will not help you survive in the long run. Too much exercise can be bad for your health, too, as it can lead to an aggravated underactive thyroid and even adrenal failure. Too much sleep can be bad also because this can lead to a sluggish metabolism and an out-of-whack sleep cycle.

Do not get swayed by social media easily. Be wise when it comes to the choices you make for your health.

As acupuncture teaches it well, balance is key to maintaining a healthy life.

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