Student learning the piano

Student learning the piano

Learning music serves an immense joy in the learners. Music calms a person’s mind and provides a wave of positive energy into the learner’s body. Are you craving to learn piano? If yes, then you must be having countless questions in your mind. As you have never taken lessons in the piano in your life, you must be pondering over the steps to learn piano. Questions such as how will you start the piano, from which key you will start playing the piano, what will be the sitting posture and several other piano-related queries crop up your mind on end. Do not fret. Have a quick view of the following guidelines while learning the piano.

Set Clear Goals
The first question you need to ask yourself is whether you are interested in learning piano. Do you want to learn just the basics of piano or you wish to go into the depth of the musical instrument? Do you want to learn piano in six months or you have plans to take the piano lessons forward and continue for a year? Setting clear goals will help you learn piano in a better way. Seek an expert’s assistance to help set your music goals.
Rent or purchase a piano or a keyboard

Do you want to have a piano on a rental basis or you wish to purchase a keyboard? How long you want to practice piano? If you want to have long-term piano lessons, then you should opt for the best piano lessons in New York City. If you want to learn piano on a short-term basis, then you should go for a keyboard or an electronic piano. Purchasing a full piano will be beneficial to you if you are planning to practice piano for a longer period. Think before you head on to a music store to buy a piano. You can choose to purchase an electronic keyboard if you want to practice the basics. Seek advice from your piano teacher before you purchase a piano.

Keep the Price of Piano in Mind
The price of a piano starts from $2000 and goes up to $10000. On the other hand, the price of a keyboard ranges from $200 to $1000. The piano is indeed expensive from the keyboard. Hence, you should be selective in choosing the musical instrument. There are many high-end brands, and low-end brands of keyboards and piano are available in the market. Depending on your musical requirements, you should purchase the musical instrument accordingly.

Do You Reside With Your Family Members?
Practicing piano at home can be an issue for your family members. The music of a piano creates noise which could be disturbing when your family members are working. Therefore, it is best to get a keyboard or an electronic piano if you are residing with your family members. The keyboard or an electronic piano produces low volume. Most of the electronic piano comes with a headphone jack that lets you practice the piano at your desired hours, and the noise of the electronic piano will not affect others who are residing in your abode. The electronic piano gives you the liberty to practice the piano even during nights without disturbing the sleep of your neighbors.

Know Every Bit of Your Instrument
You must be thoroughly acquainted with every part of the piano. Dive in the parts of the instrument. Have an in-depth knowledge on the soundboard, lid, pedals and strings of your musical instrument. Analyze every part and sound of the piano. The more you be familiar with the piano, the better for you to learn the music.

Right Posture
To emit a good sound from your piano, you should have a good synchronization of your body. There are several factors which contribute to the performance of your piano. Know your hand position, finger movements and body posture. The balance of your body weight plays a pivotal part while practicing the piano.

Memorize the Keys
A piano has several keys. Glancing through the keys of a piano will be of no use. You need to memorize the keys and the names of your finger numbers.

Keep Your Body Relaxed
Keeping your body stiff during the practice sessions of the piano will hinder the music of piano. Keep your whole body relaxed while you play piano. Your body relaxation is a must while you are moving your feet back and forth on the pedals.

Make Your Sitting Position Comfortable
You need to have a comfortable sitting tool to bring out the best tune of your piano skills. Get a piano bench which is ideal for your height. If you feel uncomfortable with the height of your piano bench, then you can add a pillow or pad on to your seat to adjust yourself to the height of the piano. Make your sitting position secure, so that you do not fall off from your seat.

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